WebSpike Spiegel (, Supaiku Supgeru?) With flight and a force field that repels bullets, Pierrots ability to dodge and defend himself is exceptional: he even survived a massive propane explosion. Join Facebook to connect with Vincent Volaju Visual Artist and others you may know. But it would likely still involve butterfly imagery. Ah, the superhuman! It was unfortunate for Vincent that after he had pointed his gun to Electra, and Electra's trigger was already pulled.that Vincent's memory returned to him and he realized there was no door. While it may at first seem so from Vincent's statement about his blood letting him 'live through anything' and Bradley being a Homunculus, this is directly contradicted by the stories! Explosives, nanobot bombs, nanobot orbs, 1911 pistol At some point, Vincent affiliated himself with MECH for their resources. Vincent feels the swords cut into his flesh, yet still felt no pain, as he grabbed the swords by clasping his hands on them and backflipping to kick them both, destroying each as he grabs one of Bradley's swords out of its sheath and throws it to the side, seeing that arm be cut across its entirely by the two new swords Bradley had drawn, and used to slash Vincent across the stomach, nearly cutting it open and would have had his opponent not leaped back at the last second. (Cue: Charlie Parra del Riego - Fullmetal Alchemist Theme (Metal Version)). He was voiced by Tsutomu Isobesu in Japanese Dub and Daran Norris in the English dub. Vincent and the rest of his team were brought to Titan as test subjects for "Nano-Machines" that, disguised as lymphocytes, would enter the body, reproduce, eat you away, kill you, and then leave the body as protein. Whitney Haggis Matsumoto. Only one, if either, fighter would be leaving this battle alive. Is willing to spare the lives of the chosen few who he believes have enough willpower, having saved Faye's life when she ends up infected and offering her a chance to join her life, before leaving her alive as he's impressed she still refuses to join him even under the threat of death. To vote for the Magnificent Baddie Proposals of the day. https://magnificentbaddie.fandom.com/wiki/File:Vincent_Volaju_on_death.mp3, https://magnificentbaddie.fandom.com/wiki/File:Vincent_on_purgatory.mp3, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Check out amazing vincentvolaju artwork on DeviantArt. The series he originates from is Cowboy Bebop. He wore a blue and gold military uniform with his many stars in rank, and had a Spadroon with a Hanger's handguard sheathed as a cane he placed both hands on, and stood tall and firm, his face stoic yet seemingly hiding an immense anger and hatred. It can only see and perceive outcomes that roughly take place in his field of vision, and it evidently cannot see through objects. Likes: Asserting physical dominance, philosophy, fighting, scaring others, learning people's names, world destruction. Furthermore, the monster can withstand a refrigerators cold, but perhaps not that of a Freeze Gun, Picture the Penguin with superpowers and youd essentially get Mad Pierrot, the one Bebop character whod pose the greatest challenge to Batman. Allies "I will deal with him personally." What if they lost themselves in the process? Type of MB Favourite style of art: Anime. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Apophis: Immortal douches who want to take over slash destroy the world! Vincent kicks at Bradley, who cuts his knee open and kicks his opponent back, sending him away as a slash mark appeared directly above his diaphragm! ", (Cue: Sightless in Shadow - The Pit of Doom). And if the live-action Cowboy Bebop is not your jam, good news: you can always watch the original Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. WebAbout vincent-volaju Morocco Deviant for 18 years Badges My Bio Current Residence: Mars. ), Absolute Zero (Can reduce an area large enough to encompass thousands of stars at once down to absolute zero, and can selectively choose what is destroyed by this, regardless of its durability. "What is it, soldier?" New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Bradley: "There's something rather comforting about facing death like this, wouldn't you agree? Apophis: Need a more down to Earth, easy to understand example? Furthermore, Pierrots coat is essentially his version of Batmans utility belt, filled with guns, grenades, knives and even a mini rocket-launcher. However, any connection Electra formed with Vincent was severedafter Vincent was given the Nanomachine virus Doctor Mendelo had worked onand the curewhich Mendelo also worked on. The soldiers roar, as they prepare to fire. Vicious was the better swordsman than Spike and Vicious. WebWant to discover art related to vincentvolaju? Vincent went down after one gunshot to the heart, Bradley didn't go down after a stab to the stomach and eye, a gunshot to the shoulder, and was even able to get one last blow on Scar after having lost his arms! If he was claiming the solar system's most dangerous bounty, he wasn't doing so unprepared, yet he knew he had no time to fully do so. He can also be can bedefeated easily if distracted, as seen in Black Dog Serenade.. Personality and Appearance Personality. Volaju is about to commit spooky bad things according to live-action Ed. Pretending to be a samurai again probably wouldnt improve his chances. Apophis: But you know what Vincent is really better than Spike at? (Cue: Yoko Kanno-Gotta Knock a Little Harder). Vincent dodges and lets the cane catch on the railing, but Bradley swings the cane at Vincent to hit him in the stomach, sending him stumbling back as Vincent grabbed, and snapped, the cane, throwing half of it at his opponent who simply dodged again. Wrath states, as he moved his hand towards his eyepatch. Undoubtedly Bebops most unusual villain, the blob monster that grew from the lobster Spike left in the fridge for a year was a surprisingly resilient foe. Attack Potency: At least Building Level, possibly Island Level to Planet Level (Can damage the KOTT, and a clone of Metal Sonic.) Asimov is fairly mediocre fighter, but gains a significant edge from using Red Eye, a drug that, when inserted into his eyes, makes him stronger and fast enough to dodge bullets. ), Acrobatics (Able to preform high-speed athletic maneuvers without fatigue. The guards notice him, and point their rifles at him. He believed if he could twist around the old man's heart, it would be over. Despite largely being a loner, he has no issue teaming up with other villains, as he did so with Aku Aku and Silas. Apophis: Also, let's not forget that Vincent lives in a world where bullet dodging is Tuesday. He walked along in his kevlar vest and six swords, four sheathed, two in his hand, all Spadroon-Hanger hybrids, and a grenade at his side. RELATED:Cowboy Bebop: 5 Anime Characters That Spike Spiegel Can Beat (& 5 He Has No Chance Against). Vincent pulls his leg back to avoid his femoral artery being sliced open, and grabs Bradley's sword with his hand, before pulling forwards to knee Bradley in the stomach, though the Fuhrer had blocked Vincent's knee with his other sword, before twisting it to cut into it. In factno, there's just no way it is. History After Spike's fallout with Jet, Spike exits a bar and collapses in an alleyway where Ed accompanied by Ein calls out his name. A soldier shouts, as King Bradley turns around. "Guten Abend, Fuhrer King Bradley." A follow-up may clarify live-action Eds motives to send team Bebop on their mishap of a mission after the AI. Geringah: Nono we don't. Apophis: While Vinny could casually shatter futuristic plexiglass stuff that Spike needed a gun and a kick to break by slammin' Spike into it, that doesn't really compare to Bradley busting concrete with a single casual slash, along with the treads of a tank and a tank shell! It seems natural, therefore, to blend Batmans and Spike Spiegels worlds together, or even have them face off. But it would likely still involve butterfly Vincent is forced to stop, as he takes the knife out and rushes to slash at Bradley's neck with it, Bradley grabbing Vincent's arm to stop the slash. Apophis: Yeah, and that's where we get to his weaknesses. Apophis: Good thing it's on Netflix now so practically anyone can watch it without paying for each episode individually. Butwhat would happen if the wrong person had it. Potentially due to exposure, both Vincent and Tongpu ended up developing a resistance to the nanobot disease, but Tongpu far less so than Vincent. "You have earned my respect, Vincent. NEXT:Batman: 5 Marvel And DC Martial Artists He Can Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To). Angelo Nicotra. Bradley replies, as Vincent didn't seem to be paying much attention to him. I'll tell you a secretratherI'll show you it." The Scientists know Vincent is alive, but they are trying to cover up the nano-machines because of a thing in the movie known as the "Amsterdam Treaty" which made nano-weapons illegal. A pinnacle that all of us dream of being! "Am I?" Now, at the same time Rhajid (a man Spike met) says that the nano-machines also cause a hallucination making you see light in the shape of butterflies. Like seriously, he's justthe best at all the fighting types. Alignment "BECAUSE IT'S NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH! You can contact him at cbrtales@disroot.org. The only ones left will be you and me. Bradley rushes at Vincent again, as Vincent prepares to block the slashes, but at the last second, weaves beneath the slashes. From what can be gathered from the "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" (or "Knocking on Heaven's Door"), Vincent was an experiment in a project.Vincent states to Faye "There were no enemies, no allies in that war, just guinea pigs." They stared each other down, ready for what they knew would very likely be their last battle. Vincent grabs Bradley's arms, both of them, and makes no hesitation to kick his opponent in one of his knees, before punching him in the face to send him stumbling back. But this had given Vincent all the time he needed to put some distance between them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Cowboy_Bebop_characters Bradley slashes through it as Vincent kicks him in the side to send him away, Wrath's age was finally catching up to him, but cut and stab wounds covered Vincent's body, which was more soaked in blood than rain. Perhaps Bruce should bring Catwoman with him. Ultra Z Battle Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Its not the most obvious weakness, but Batman is the Worlds Greatest Detective, and the realization would definitely save him from wasting too many weapons on the creature. "S-Sirhe's comingVVincent Volajuhe's coming here" The soldier stammers, as Bradley closed his eye, bowed his head down, and sighed, before looking back up and opening his eye, which had a new wrath glaring from it. Once he remembers who he was, he allows Elektra to shoot him and accepts his own death with dignity, using his final words to tell Elektra how falling in love with her made him feel the closest to being alive. Favourite genre of music: Metal. Then we hear a voice chirp his name. "Is that all you've got?" Yet knowing the form without form gives Spiegel the improvisational ability hed need to keep up. Bradley can see the actual literal weakness of his opponent, and all means to beat them. Vincent Volaju Bradley asks, as he takes out two knives from his pocketstwo of Vincent's knives! However, Bradley had already moved a sword to where Vincent was going to move, as it cuts across his cheek despite him dodging as quick as possible. This is a (RESEARCHED) battle that will take place between King Bradley from Fullmetal Alchemist (2009) and Vincent Volaju from Cowboy Bebop the Movie. Often composed, will retreat if necessary, enjoys showing his physical prowess, often likes to talk about his philosophy. But the case gets stranger and stranger as the cold-blooded Vincent Volaju, who supposedly has been dead for ten years, seems to be the prime suspect. Making [the tip] super reliable, he replies sarcastically.). Bradley thrusts what remains at Vincent, who leaps back as Bradley throws the sword at him. Weaknesses: Normal Human (Lacks any real superpowers apart from seeing and physically interacting with psychic objects. Huh, the wrathful king with a rivalry with the guy who wants to rule the world and a just king. Has a tragic backstory on being a simple soldier whose sense of identity was destroyed as a result of the experiments he was subjected to, as a result, forgetting who he was entirely and coming to believe he is either trapped in an endless nightmare, or that he is dead, in which all of his actions are him trying to "find the door and leave". While that Pizza Hut went away, Toms love of comics didnt, and in time his room became stuffed to the brim with four-colored stories (and a few black-and-white ones) of drama, adventures, suspense its a long list. "I've been collecting them." In this conversation. Vincent himself is also strong enough to casually destroy a window of this train, a feat Spike could only pull off with his gun. Meanwhile, Spike encounters the dangerous Electra, who too seeks the madman. He wanted breathing space to establish the world with Spike, Jet, Faye, and Vicious before dropp[ing] the atom bomb that is Ed into that world to create chaos.. He's also really, REALLY skilled in hand to hand combat, like, on Spike's level! She also had been working for the same government division prior to his death. Affiliation: (Formerly) MECH, (Formerly) Aku Aku, himself. DC: 5 Anime Characters Who Can Beat Batman (& 5 Who Can't), Cowboy Bebop: 5 Best Villains In The Anime (& 5 Worst), Cowboy Bebop: 5 Anime Characters That Spike Spiegel Can Beat (& 5 He Has No Chance Against), Batman: 5 Marvel And DC Martial Artists He Can Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To), REVIEW: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Bane of Blastaar #1 Is a Cinematic Found Family Adventure, REVIEW: Dark Horse Comics' Under Kingdom Is a Monstrously Fun Adventure, One Piece Creator Revealed How to Identify the Manga's Final Arc - 25 Years Ago, 10 Anime Characters Who Are As Sweet As They Look, 10 JoJo Stands Based On Hit Songs (Ranked By Plays On Spotify). He asks absentmindedly. He wouldn't stop even if you bring a rocket launcher to a gunfight. Pinterest. With subterfuge, batarangs, knockout gas and several other items at his disposal, Batman could take the group out with ease. (Spike trying to grasp an imaginary butterfly at the post-end credits scene of the movie illustrates his own imprisonment in a dreamstate like Volaju, surrounded and mocked by seemingly reachable beauty yet unable to feel it.). It isn't even half a second later that Bradley cuts across Vincent's face, only having missed his chest because Vincent had leaped back, a few blue orbs spilling out from inside his trenchcoat as Wrath the Furious rushes his opponent once more, Vincent ducking beneath the guards and grabbing Bradley's swords' handguards, kicking Bradley in the stomach to send him back, forced to let go of his swords, while Vincent ignored the new slashes in his shoulders. Conspiracies and secrets better left alone are uncovered, and Vincent's reign or terror is nowhere near Browse the user profile and get inspired. Vincent drives Bradley's sword into the wall and leaps back, looking down a bit surprised at his cut knee. Except this time, there is a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. "Damn" Vincent remarks, throwing his gun at Bradley, who swings his swords to cut it into fours before deflecting all the knives Vincent had left and rushing him. Official Plus, he constantly sees storms of butterflies everywhere and that can't be good for aiming things. And due to Vincent's own counter nano-machines, he would still live. Speed: Supersonic+, with High Hypersonic Reactions (Casually dodges all of Mad Pierrot's gunfire and can react to Gamer, who is Mach 6 to 12, can catch a missile. Bradley weaves around the bullets with ease and swings at Vincent with both swords, as Vincent tilts back to duck before moving in his hand towards Bradley's chest. It alsopretty much has the durability of a regular eye. Bradley walks through the corridors of his palace, looking around in each room, searching for, waiting for, his opponent to arrive. Batman may have to exploit Pierrots weakness to win, namely a fear of cats. Alias Geringah: And it's our job to analyze these guys' weapons, armor and skills to find out who will winan Ultra Z Battle. The series he originates from is Cowboy Bebop. Wrath rushes forwards to swing his sword at the lost soldier again, as Vincent grabs it, feeling his palm be cut into, and pulls it to another direction, before he decided to thrust his hand towards Bradley's chest! Vincent was quick to tear the longswords out of the grips of some of the armor, but Bradley cut them like butter, deflecting the sliced off blades away as he thrusts his own blades towards his enemy's jugular. The Fuhrer walks past the soldier, drawing his sword slowly, carefully, and lividly. "Then I will stop you myself." Taxim is likely fast enough to dodge batarangs and other gadgets, but would be vulnerable to say, gas pellets. In Binary Two-Step, they seem to have been a source of bounty tips for Jet for an amount of time who never met them face-to-face, which fuels Spikes mistrust.