Series 1025


Series 1025

Normal industrial applications

The Aero-Motive®-Grounding Reels with 2 Ohm are equipped with a ground terminal capable of carrying up to 100 A, safely dissipate electrostatic charges and thus reduce the risk of sparking in hazardous areas, such as petrochemical plants, shipyards, etc. The Grounding Reels 1025 not only convinces with a total resistance of less than 2 ohms, but also with its compact dimensions and robust design, making it suitable for most industrial applications with medium loads.

Product features

Automatic safety lock: No

Manual safety lock: No

Attachment: Rigid attachment - vertical and horizontal attachment

External tension adjustment: shaft and spring friction clutch

Locking (ON/OFF): Yes

Widerstand: < 2 Ohm

Maintainable: YES, with AERO-MOTIVE®-spare parts or -repair kits

Aero-Motive® static discharge reel

(Dimensions are given in inches [and millimeters] and are for reference only)

Order information
Aero-Motive model
Cable travel
25 feet (7.5 meters)
25 feet (7.5 meters)
Packaging dimensions/weights
Aero-Motive model
Series 1025
140 mm / 6"
203 mm / 8"
262 mm / 10"
2.5 kg / 6.0 lb

Positioners are winders which, with the help of a friction brake-like design, enable the positioning of light loads at a desired height in the entire rope extension range and hold the assumed position without any further effort.

Retractors are designed to retrieve a tool or load when no force is applied to it, and to keep the attached tool or load in the desired position, a downward force must be applied continuously.

Balancers are designed to provide perfect weight balance, making a specific load appear 'weightless' at any point along the extension length. 

Torque drums with a cable extension of 4.6 m (15 feet) are primarily intended for attaching control columns or panels weighing up to 6.8 kg (15 lb).

Grounding Reels provide a ground path for dissipating electrostatic charges via a cable and a ground terminal. The main drive spring not only provides an adjustable light continuous pull on the rope, but also the force for the automatic rope return.

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