One is the only remaining set of out-buildings in the county associated with this type of plantation. Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning, 2023 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Abandoned Places In South Carolina 1. The Overseers House (circa 1830) is a folk-giant dogtrot, the largest dogtrot in the county and possibly the largest in the state. The gathering at Prospect Hill plantation that day could have been a casting call for a period drama set before the American civil war. Thirty nine. In all fairness, they have kept the property in good condition, with a well-kept grass and a secure structure. slaveholder in each County. sum of Twenty five Thousand Dollars lawful money of said State for the payment Cotton, corn, vegetable crops, and melons were cultivated. deceased be allowed viz. In the front doorway of the house, a Union soldier was shot. unto Henry hailes Judge of Probate for the County of Clark (sic) in the final We travel the nation touring and exploring historic sites and properties. (As a side note, by 1960, 100 years later, the County was listed as Riverside Plantation; SR 11, Enterprise, Circa 1850 Greek Revival Second house on County Road 367 on east side of Highway 11. Henry Hailes Judge of Probate for the County & State aforesaid the first Monday Located east of Quitman just off County Road 511 on County Road 6752. The state Bureau of Recreation and Parks opened a museum in a reconstructed railroad depot transported to the Vaughan site from Pickens, Mississippi, in 1980, near the site of Casey Joness 1900 crash. interpretation questions and inconsistent counting and page numbering methods used by the census enumerators, interested N.W. prescribed by law. Triple Brass Sanding Board Square Grand Piano, Marble fireplaces, Winding Staircase from Paris, France, table used by Grant & Sherman, & much more. Abandoned Places In Nebraska 1. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. In 1850, the slave census was also separate from the free census, but in earlier years it was a part of the free The actual number of slaveholders may be slightly The National Register of Historic Places is the Nation's official list of places deemed worthy of preservation. Lake Bounds Most of the antiques in the home will convey. The point, she said, is to get everybody involved and just let everybody meet everybody and find out whats going on., Her daughter Donna Ross agreed. Using plantation names to locate ancestors Of all the abandoned places in Mississippi, Rodney is by far my favorite ghost town. A cotton gin was operated on the place and ginned cotton for the neighbors. The State of Mississippi ) Clarke County ) I George Knight an acting member of the Board of County Police in and for the County & State aforesaid do hereby Certify that I administered the oath required by law to George Granberry , E. Holden , J. Then a van pulled up and discharged a group of African visitors who were running an hour late, and the crowd broke into applause. Old House Life started as a Facebook page and has grown into a hub for people who love historic houses and the preservation of history. Beautiful, historic antebellum home located on 60 acres includes 3 lakes, 2 barns, and filled with turn of century antiques, 2 balconies, & ballroom. 99000499. Let them know you saw it on Old House Life! 1853 Greek Revival vernacular 1863 County Road 374 Two miles west of Highway 11 (Ward Road) Following the holder list is a separate list of the surnames of the holders with information Circa 1880 in New Hampshire. Rodney was no longer deemed an official town by the Governor of Mississippi in 1930. Yet there is also a proliferation of flowers beneath moss-draped trees, and an elaborate, towering marble monument over Rosss grave, erected by the Mississippi branch of the colonization society. Descendants of slave owners, slaves and freed slaves listen to a history of the plantation. All of which means the options for Prospect Hill are limited. The Hon. It came into the Lang family in 1846. The plantations of the Old South, the white families who owned, operated, and lived on them, and the blacks who toiled on them as slaves for more than two centuries, have been the subjects of numerous historical studies since the pioneering work of Ulrich B. Phillips in the early twentieth century. Almost two acres in North Carolina. It is one of the best instances of Gothic Revival architecture in the state, as well as one of the few secular structures having such a design. The home had a sweeping central hall that ran from the front to the back of the building, flanked on each side by two rooms, and a staircase positioned in a secondary hall between two of the rooms. MIGRATION OF FORMER SLAVES: According to U.S. Census data, the 1860 Clarke County population included 7,599 whites, 14 "free colored" and 7,436 slaves. It was heated with hot water, with brick veneer and stone accent on the exterior. in 1860, is either non-existent or not readily available. The county operates with a Board of Supervisors and the towns with a Mayor and Board of Aldermen. The town of West received a grant in 2008 to transfer the depot up the lines to its downtown, where it now serves as a visitor center. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. reserved. intitled (sic) to the same by law and if it shall hereafter appear that any Letter of Administration to the said Court. Fort Massachusetts had been built on the waters edge, and the salt air and wave action had severely damaged the old mortar, particularly around the northeast bastion. In 1847, the United States declared the Ship Island a military reservation, and Congress authorized the construction of a fort nine years later. The 1860 U.S. Census Slave Schedules for Clarke County, Mississippi (NARA microfilm series M653, Roll If youre looking to dive deeper into the world of urban exploration, this book is for you. Crawford echoed that sentiment. and our loyal RootsWeb community. Slaves were The crowd at the first event was like our family history, really all mixed up, she said. ADAMS Formed in 1799 from Natchez District Anchorage Plantation North - Griffith Auburn Plantation - Duncan Avalange Plantation - Harper However, the data should be checked for the particular surname to see the extent of the matching. The structure was devastated in the 1979 Easter Flood in Jackson and has not been used since. While the land is now owned by the City of Jackson, and there was talk about doing something with it a few years ago. I'm Michelle Bowers and I have a passion for old, historic houses filled with character and charm. and Laura L. Ward moved to Clarke County in 1846 from the Kershaw District of South Carolina (Camden). Loma Ghost Town Hardware Store 41.12807, -96.94214 History: While there arent a ton of abandoned places in Nebraska on this list, the ones we do have are pretty, Read More 11 Abandoned Places In Nebraska[MAP]Continue, If youre searching for ghost towns in Wyoming, weve got you covered! perfect inventory of all and singular the good, chattles, & credits of the said Jefferson County today has the highest percentage of black residents 85% of any county in the US and is the fourth poorest, according to the most recent census. SURNAME MATCHES AMONG AFRICAN AMERICANS ON 1870 CENSUS: (exact surname spellings only are reported, no spelling variations or soundex), (SURNAME, # in US, in State, in County, born in State, born and living in State, born in State and living in County). Charles Greenlee, a white descendant of the plantations slave owners, said he was filled with anxiety the week prior to the reunion, as well as the day of the event. Developed around an early 19th-century trading post on the Chickasawhay River, it was built near a Choctaw town. James M. Seale, and John B. Kent be appointed appraisers of the $449,000, Knotty pine kitchen. It helped me to understand who I am, she said. The rest of the slaves in the County were held by Ordered by the and credits which shall be found remaining in upon the account of the said can be difficult because the name of a plantation may have been changed through the years and because the sizeable number of which will and truly to be made we bind ourselves and each of our heirs The contingent had driven all night to attend the event, completing a trip across a chasm that encompassed 170 years and 5,000 miles. $187,500. addressed in this transcription. document.write(cy); Slaves built cotton farms on the lush soil nearby. We rate ghost towns in North Carolina based on their status. If youre searching for ghost towns in North Carolina, weve got you covered! The Windsor plantation used to be 2,600 acres in size. Today, most of Prospect Hills architectural peers have literally fallen by the wayside, and the majority of the areas white residents have moved away, taking their money with them. This is a 4 year old pine plantation that has a hardwood drain. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. The 24X32 formal dining rm leads into a 24X44 Breezeway that connects the old cooking kitchen area with an 8 1/2 ft. refinished cooking fireplace. The Lois Aron Memorial Home for Nurses at the Kings Daughters Hospital first opened its doors in 1922. Discarded wooden door frames and other detritus litter the entry foyer. The house and land have been owned continuously by the Wards for more than 125 years. presuming an African American was a slave on the 1860 census, the free census for 1860 should be checked, as almost 11% He has been associated with Tutt Land since 2001 and an agent since 2007. Then, as she stepped gingerly toward the front door, she saw a patch of brilliant color from the corner of her eye and turned to see a peacock standing in front of a bookcase. Mark Twain is said to have seen the Mississippi River in the distance from a roof observatory. The Afro-American Sons and Daughters Foundation has planned a few fund-raising events in 2009, with the goal of housing the Yazoo City Head start program, and hosting community events in the building. If the ancestor is not on this list, the 1860 slave census microfilm The fort was given the name Massachusetts at that time, most likely in honor of the USS Massachusetts. Smuteye, Alabama the fee deposition and powers of granting the Administration of all and F. Green Clerk Probate Court C. C. A true and Dwight Tew, a previous owner, was offered $30,000 for the dogtrot by a man from New Orleans, who wanted to dismantle it and sell the logs individually for $1,000 each. census. of the most slaves with the least amount of transcription work. Despite its decay, Royal Land is still one of the most unique abandoned places in Mississippi, so if youre nearby be sure to check it out. Cottonseed was delinked and hulled, yielding two by-products: lint (textile product) and hulls (cattle feed). Given under my hand and seal this 2nd day of April A.D. 1839. But at the end of the day, it explains America today. The McGowan family became the leading family in the immediate vicinity, and their plantation was a gathering place for political, social, and religious functions. purposes. You know, What does my name come from? last will or Testament was made by the deceased and the same be proved in Court I was fascinated to meet James Belton and the people from Liberia. An ancient fairground ticket booth was converted into a movie projection booth. Received & Recorded this March 5th A. D. 1839 W. of Clarke (sic) County deceased be received and ordered to Record. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Glenwild Plantation. Estate of William Howze late of Clarke (sic) County deceased. I dont know what I expected, but it wasnt this.. Before W.A. The entry to Royal Land appears to be a portal into a world haunted by the spirits, standing guard over rusted railroad tracks, a dank and mildewed old ticket booth, and decaying reel-to-reel cassettes half buried in the weedy ground. This page is not available in other languages. The access is from County Road 140. Riverside Plantation in Enterprise, Clarke County, Mississippi was built in 1850. Beautiful, clear water. In September 2002, disaster struck when a terrible fire ravaged Arlington, destroying the roof and much of the upper story. His ancestors, after all, had owned the ancestors of people who would be there, whose own lives had been profoundly affected by that. This transcription lists the names of those largest slaveholders in the County, the number of slaves they held in Riverside Plantation Circa 1850 Greek Revival Second house on County Road 367 on east side of Highway 11. The Vaughan Museum, like several other historical state parks such as Florewood, was closed in 2004, and since then, structures had faded. It is said to have served as the headquarters for the Union forces during occupation of Enterprise, Mississippi during the Civil War. If the surname is found, they can then view the microfilm Just make sure you bring the bug spray. It was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1980. During this time, Langsdale was a social and cultural center for the surrounding countryside. African American ancestor with one of these surnames is found on the 1870 census, then making the link to finding that Also in the group were several free black people who had fought alongside Ross in the revolution and would gain title to their own land in the territory. (601) 776-6651. Census data for 1860 was obtained from the Historical United States Census Data Browser, which is a very When most black citizens in Mississippi lacked access to health care, the AASDH provided free health care to anyone. the upper right corner of every set of two pages, with the previous stamped number and a "B" being used to designate the I have sent message to listing agent requesting clarification and . Circa 1855-1857 Greek Revival Located at the end of County Road 1222, southwest of Quitman. The Port Gibson Oil Works, built in 1882 and placed on the National Register in 1979, is one of the first cottonseed crushing mills in the United States, having been in operation from 1882. Ordered by the Another 20 acres of the property is comprised of mature loblolly pine plantations. Butch Ross observed: Everyone spoke to me, but it was still a little catch in there. She said she sensed lingering prejudice among a few older whites. Take first unpaved road to the right (County Road 6752). This house is said to have served as the Federal Headquarters during the occupation of Enterprise, and its historical significance derives from this association. Everybody got a different version, she said. Langsdale Plantation is located on 65 acres which includes 3 stocked ponds and two barns. Rosss family was divided over the plan, and a grandson, Isaac Ross Wade, contested the will for a decade. Mark Twain is said to have seen the Mississippi River in the distance from a roof observatory. In the early 1950s, the model was finished and ready to use. Isaac Ross, a revolutionary war veteran, founded the plantation and provided in his will for the freeing of its slaves to emigrate to a colony in what is now Liberia Prospect Hills primary claim to fame. Old Pinola Hotel! B. Kent, George Knight & James M. Seale Two rows of brick buildings, 10 or 12 originally, were built on each side of a wide tree-lined road about one-fourth mile to the west of the house. term "slaveholder" rather than "slave owner", so that questions of justice and legality of claims of ownership need not be Amekia Mazie is a descendant of slaves who did not emigrate. enumerated in 1860 without giving their names, only their sex and age and indication of any handicaps, such as deaf or blind Census data The compound was the center of the original 880-acre cotton and timber plantation. William Howze deceased the same being first examined and allowed by the Favorite picnic and resort area of Clarke County in the mid-1900s. This article about a property in Mississippi on the National Register of Historic Places is a stub. Located in the Enterprise community, this beautiful 90 ac+/- riverfront property offers buyers many options for recreation, development, and investment opportunities. hands & Seals This 2nd day of April A.D. 1839, Copyright © Genealogy Trails ancestor as a slave requires advanced research techniques involving all obtainable records of the holder. If an It also helps that the default setting for people in the area is usually to be polite. We are so intertwined in ways we dont even know, and it tends to get lost because its not talked about, so we dont really know whats going on.. Clarkco State Park Below are 17 different ghost towns you can explore across the great state of Wyoming along with their status and exact GPS coordinates. These early tax . Yet these were actual descendants of Prospect Hills original slave owners and slaves, gathered for the first of a series of reunion events held between November 2011 and April 2017. It rests at the center of a 10-acre compound surrounded by 300-year old oaks, cedars and pecan trees. Floods from the surrounding river have continued to erode the remaining structures since then. As she picked her way through the dank, shadowy rooms she saw moldering rugs, rat-gnawed tables, emasculated chairs and piles of mildewed clothes. Cox Family Heritage Farm, Inc. All rights of large farms must have resulted in lots of duplication of plantation names. Ward House Successful B&B in SC. can be viewed to find out whether the ancestor was a holder of a fewer number of slaves or not a slaveholder at all. The Sumralls had a brick kiln and ground their own feed. In the cemetery behind the house, most guests notice that the tombstone of the grandson who contested the will is installed backward, facing away from his grave, perhaps indicating the familys postmortem judgment. Built in 1813 in Shubuta, Mississippi! Prairie Place (Langsdale Plantation) Future nurses were also taught in the hospital, allowing them to obtain their state licenses and work in other parts of the state. Located six miles north of Quitman on Highway 145 In 1971, the institution was reborn as Bonner Campbell School of Religion, a branch of the A.M.E. church. . thereto required by the said court and will the rest of the said goods chattles In this country, we have so much division, black, white and what have you. PURPOSE. as appraisers of the Estate of William Howze deceased late of Clarke It is estimated by this transcriber that in 1860, slaveholders of 200 or more slaves, while constituting less than 1 In her mind, the peacock, which had been left behind by the last occupant, offered a kernel of beauty and hope, and she later named it Isaac, after Prospect Hills founder. He could barely contain his emotions as he watched the Liberians disembarking from the van. BROWN, Aral. $475,000 From the Zillow listing . $475,000. Chickasawhay River thousand Eight hundred and thirty nine -, Present the Hon, Henry Hailes A Crybaby Bridge, government experiments, and Satanic rituals were just some of the stories that would come out of Helltown. Langsdale Plantation is a beautiful home located on 65+-acres with 3 stocked PONDS. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Located in the Enterprise community, this beautiful 90 ac+/- riverfront property offers buyers many options for recreation, development, and investment opportunities. The information on surname matches of 1870 African Americans and 1860 slaveholders is intended merely to provide data His family is said to have lived in boxcars until this house was completed. with their full name, including surname. Privately owned. John Knight Plantation - Sankofagen John Knight Plantation OVERVIEW Location: Jones County, Mississippi; town of Soso, on the Leaf River, formerly Covington County Date Constructed/ Founded: ca. and John S. Howze obtain Letters Testamentary and the said The Big House is the heart of the Cox Plantation. appears in open Court John L. Howze and takes the oath of Administrator The plantation was entirely self-sufficient. Manage Settings Tutt Land Company is proud to offer the Riverbend Plantation in Clarke County, MS. Youre in the right place. Memorial to confederate soldiers who died at Texas Field Hospital. Riverside Plantation in Enterprise, Clarke County, Mississippi was built in 1850. Howze in whose fidelity the Court has the highest confidence full power The Home Missionary Society of the Disciples of Christ founded Southern Christian Institute in 1882 after purchasing Col. McKinney L. Cooks 800-acre farm west of Edwards. Consisting of some 692 square miles, Clarke County has a 2,000 census population of 17,955. Personally MIGRATION OF FORMER SLAVES: According to U.S. Census data, the 1860 Clarke County population included further make a Just and true account of his actings and doings therein when Corporate Information | Privacy | Terms and Conditions | CCPA Notice at Collection. During the litigation, a group of slaves who saw Wade as an impediment to their freedom allegedly set fire to the first Prospect Hill house, killing a young girl and injuring others, though Wade escaped unharmed (a new house was built on the site of the first in 1854). Is this how to remember black heroes? There are many reasons why listing with us is the best decision a seller can make. The Ward House is historically significant for its Civil War associations and the contributions made by the Ward family to the economic and social development of Enterprise. enumeration of the transcribed slaveholders. The property has over a 1/2-mile frontage on the Chickasawhay River and includes several smaller . After decades in the US, their descendants had been allowed to immigrate back to Africa, though theyd never actually been there before. deceased stood obligated so far fourth as his goods Rights and Credits will The owners have battled in recent years to keep the campus up, mostly for church retreats but also as a Head Start program until roughly 2000. 596) reportedly includes a total of 5,076 slaves. on numbers of African Americans on the 1870 census who were enumerated with the same surname. View from deck of the Pavilion of We are happy to have you visit us! Know all men by these present that we By the 1870 census, the white population had dropped 28% to 4,073, and Its possible that its the only armory built during that time period. This land was originally owned by Thomas P. Falconer, an early resident of Wayne County. Learn how to uncover more abandoned places and the techniques used to capture their beauty. Shubuta is a town in Clarke County, Mississippi, United States, which is located on the eastern border of the state.The population was 441 as of the 2010 census, down from 651 at the 2000 census. Lets take a look at the real history of, Read More The Actual TRUTH About Helltown OhioContinue, 2023 Urbex Underground - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP, 13 Abandoned Places In South Carolina [MAP], Ultimate Guide to Finding Abandoned Places.
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